A Proficient Lift Station Service Provider Explains

Sewage lift stations also knownLift Station Repair Orlando, FL as wastewater pump stations are used for pumping wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. But why does it have to have to be lifted, you will ask. To allow the transportation of the sewage by gravity flow is the simple answer. If you want to learn more about the work of the lift station service providers and why these devices get damaged, please keep reading:

How do they exactly move the sewage? This dangerous and unhealthy matter is first stored in a sealed underground pit. Once the level of the wastewater starts to go higher, a pump will start to lift it upward through a pressurized pipe system. And from then on, the lift cycle begins until the underground pit reaches its final destination. Usually, this is a treatment plant.

Lift stations are designed to handle raw sewage fed from the underground gravity pipelines. Generally speaking, the need for such devices increases when:

  • Your basement is too low and it can’t discharge the wastewater into the main sewer;
  • The existing topography with minimum sewer grades have deep sewers that have high construction costs;
  • There is not an existing gravity system available yet;

As you can imagine one of the most common issues with pumping stations is clogging. When it occurs very often, it can lead to very high maintenance costs, a shorter life of the pumping stations, extensive bypass pumping needs, and more. The first step to resolving such a problem is to find out its causes. Very often, a possible reason is improperly flushing of fats, greases, and chemicals into the drains. Once you know what is causing these issues, a professional lift station repair contractor will establish an action plan.

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